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Measure would curb water shutoffs for Seattle families with kids

March 6th, 2013

Originally published on March 5, 2013, on KPLU.

Thousands of Seattle families had their water shut off last year. A city council member is introducing a measure to help one group of them — households with young children.

Social service providers told a city council committee what it’s like for parents to lose their water: unable to clean up after changing a diaper, forced to send kids to school unwashed and to borrow buckets to flush the toilet.

One provide, Bill Talbot of the Salvation Army Seattle White Center, was not speaking secondhand. Years ago he himself suffered an accident that cost him his income.

“Our water was shut off, then the meter was pulled. When you get to that point, you’re living in a house that’s no longer habitable. It is going … Continue Reading »


Revised utility-discount program begins in Seattle

January 24th, 2013

Originally published in the Seattle Times, 24 January 2013

Changes to Seattle’s program will make it easier for the elderly and low-income families to receive reduced rates.

Greenwood resident Ethel Palmer qualifies for Seattle’s utility-discount program, but for a short time the city didn’t think so.

Palmer, 88, maintains a house with her 92-year-old husband. She regularly files her paperwork for the utility program, which cuts participants’ Seattle City Light bills by 50 percent and Seattle Public Utilities bills by 60 percent.

But last year, she suddenly noticed her bills skyrocket.

The city had lost her application, and she fell out of the program. Palmer had to travel in person to the Seattle Human Services Department, which administers the program, to sort out the … Continue Reading »


Seawall meets its nemesis, the gribble

July 23rd, 2012

Originally published July 20, 2012, on

There’s a piece of wood on desks down at City Hall. The chunk, with its dozens of air pockets and traverse cavities, resembles a rotting wedge of Swiss cheese. But, in reality, the crumbling wooden chunk is a piece of the Seattle seawall, the nearly mile
and a half wall that separates downtown Seattle from the salty waters of Elliott Bay.

That barrier, built between 1916 and 1936, extends from South Washington Street to Broad Street. It was never designed to withstand earthquakes or heavy tides. Nor to resist invasion by generations of gribbles, a tiny marine worm.

The city has been patching breaks its seawall for decades, but there is no getting around reality – … Continue Reading »


Chris Hansen’s Sodo arena plan: Seattle Storm should be more than an afterthought

July 20th, 2012

Originally published July 15, 2012, in the Seattle Times,

AMID all the hoopla over a potential new arena, there has been one forgotten player. No one, it seems, is talking seriously about what the addition of another professional sports franchise or two — and another sports emporium — would mean to the future of the Seattle Storm.

Failure to talk with, and about, the WNBA franchise is quite an oversight. For openers, it’s worth reviewing the team’s history. Remember that in 2008, when the Oklahomans were determined to hijack the Sonics, it looked as if they were going to drag the Storm off, caveman style, to Oklahoma City as collateral damage.

At almost the eleventh hour, a group of professional women miraculously came to the team’s rescue and managed to scrape … Continue Reading »