Councilmember Godden left office on January 1, 2016.
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Seatttle wins Judges Merit Award

Seattle is taking home an award, presented at the Association of Washington Cities conference in Vancouver Thursday. The prize is a “Judges Merit Award” from the Governor’s Smart Communities Awards for the Department of Neighborhoods updating of its neighborhood plans.

The award lauds the city’s updating of neighborhood plans using multiple outreach and engagement processes. Said the citation: “The first effort to update three neighborhood plans included targeted outreach to historically underrepresented communities using the Planning Outreach Liaison model.”

Rationale for the award, presented by Marty Loesch, the governor’s director of external affairs, included comments from the judges that commended Seattle’s approach, citing “strong citizen involvement” and “partnership with the Seattle Planning Commission and the Department of Planning and Development.”

Presentation of the award was a proud moment for this Seattle councilmember who seldom sees this city honored at such events, even though many of our efforts are deserving.